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Library Committee & Terms of Refrence

  • Members

  • 1. Deputy Vice - Chancellor (A & SA)- Chairman
  • 2. Representatives from Schools
    • 3. Representative, ICT
  • 4. Registrar (A&SA)
  • 5. University Librarian - Secretary


In attendance will include[ but not limited to]

    • 1. Registrar – Administration
    • 2. Finance Officer
    • 3. Dean  of Students
    • 4. SGC Director Academics.

The terms of reference for the Committed are:

1. To deal with all matters related to the Library and Bookshop

2. To assist and advise the University Librarian on all matters relating to the University Library.
3. To make recommendation to Senate on Library policy regulations.
4. To advise Senate on the development, planning and establishment of the Library and Bookshop services
5. To prepare and submit an annual report to Senate on the functioning of the University Libraries and the Bookshops.
6. To advise Senate on the preparation of estimates, the allocation of funds and control of library expenditure.
7. To advise Senate on acquisition and disposal of books and Library materials.
8. To deal with any other matters referred to it by Senate, the Vice-Chancellor or Committees of Senate.