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In an effort to following the Ministry of Health Covid 19 guidelines and protocols and having received concerns from students that 28th November is a Saturday, University Senate in a meetihg held on 19th November 2020 amended the reporting dates for the two first year groups as follows:

Year of Study Reporting Date Examination Dates

1st Years 2019/2020 Academic Year

4/01/2021 11/01/2021 to 22/01/2021
1st Years 2020/2021 Academic Year 26/11/2020 01/02/2021 to 12/02/2021


i. All the 1st year students should urgently make arrangements to clear any outstanding fees in order to access University focilities and facilitate processing of examination cards.

ii. Any Queries concerning unit registration by continuing students should be directed to the various schools. First year students (2020/2021) will be directed on how to register their units after reporting

iii. The few accommodation space within the university will be availed on a first come first served basis.







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