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Posted by webmaster on July 06, 2017

The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) is a non-profit, global research organization dedicated to advancing human well-being, environmental conservation and equity. CIFOR conducts research that enables more informed and equitable decision making about the use and management of tropical and sub-tropical forest landscapes. CIFOR helps policy makers and practitioners shape effective policy, improve the management of tropical forests and address the needs and perspectives of people who depend on forests for their livelihoods. CIFOR’s multidisciplinary approach considers the underlying drivers of deforestation and degradation which often lie outside the forestry sector: forces such as agriculture, infrastructure development, trade and investment policies and law enforcement.

CIFOR is offering research opportunity to 4 Masters Students and 1 PhD research student under its project, Policies and practices for enhancing co-benefits from joint forest and water conservation in Mau and Mt. Elgon forests in Kenya. The research students will contribute to the project component on analysis of institutions for the governance of forest and water resources (including rights and responsibilities for forest and water use; tenure security; organization and effectiveness of resource management regimes; participation in forestry and water associations; gender and inclusion, coordination and interaction between CFAs and WRUAs; leadership in water and forest associations).

The study sites in Mau forest is Londiani, and Kimothon in Mt. Elgon. This opportunity will be for a period of 6 months. Within this period, the successful candidate is expected to collect data from at least one field site, analyze the data and report on it by March 2018.

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