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Posted by webmaster on May 16, 2020

This is to inform all members of staff and students that through Kenet we can get subsidized data bundles for remote learninng. Please follow the instructions below to register for the bundles

Registration for Subsidized Remote Learning Data Bundles.

1. Click on the link and fill in the form.


2.  Once you complete filling the form and click submit, you will automatically get a notification email for verification
(remember to USE your individual UoK student email ONLY: yourstudentemail@students.kabianga.ac.ke (For Students) and email@kabianga.ac.ke(staff)).

If you have any issue with your email address, kindly get in touch with us on ictsupport@kabianga.ac.ke

Once you verify your email address, the mobile number(s) you have provided will be forwarded to the chosen provider for listing and will be eligible for the subsidized educational data bundles.

More details shall be provided soon on how to access/purchase these bundles from each service provider.

Stay safe.



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