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Posted by webmaster on March 13, 2020

University of Kabianga Students have elected delegates that will eventually choose the students leadership for the academic year 2020/2021.  They used the  delegate based system as per the new university elections policy passed by the government. This is something similar to the US electoral system which involves the Electoral College made up of the delegates.  The delegates then vote for the coalition of their preference.

All the schools and campuses presented 3 individuals to be elected directly by the voters.This will total up to 33 delegates  in charge of electing the new student governing council.

Therefore all the interested candidates are required to attend a lobbying session where they’ll get to convince the delegates as to why they are the best flag bearers of their coalitions and pick a team.  The elected delegates will then  choose the executive i.e. the Chairperson and his team who must all be from one coalition which should be inclusive and diverse.The elected congress will then vote for a speaker.

The exercise went on peacefully, transparently and democratically.



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