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StartUpAfrica held an innovation event in the University of Kabianga with over 10 high schools in attendance.

In attendance was the StartUpAfrica Executive Director; Mr Erastus Mongare, Professor Issa Mwamzandi; the representative on behalf of the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Mary Wosyanju; from the Deans of students office, Chaplain, lecturers, teachers and students who witnessed the signing of the memorandum of union (MOU)  between the Executive Director and the University of Kabianga. The theme of the event was innovating for the 21st century.

The Executive Director talked about StartUpAfrica which was formed in 2011 and has branches in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and also in partnership with USA. He acknowledged how a small boy invented Facebook and Instagram inorder to solve problems in communication.

The Human Strategist Officer, Ruth Kinywa said “Don’t do business for the sake of doing business because you will make losses.” “When looking for a niche make sure people are willing to acquire those products and can absorb the products,” she added. She also interacted with some of the students doing business in their schools and helped them solve their challenges. She used an example of sending money to her mother while in the US to buy herself shoes to prove how innovation works in the modern world.

There was also a presentation from our able lecturer, Lecturer Odhiambo; from the School of science, who shared his research with the students including the use of stevia, his research failures and research successes in science. He also identified himself as an alumni of Agoro Sare Boys High school and his father an alumni from Kabianga Boys High School.

Presentations were the next item on the table where different schools participated in. Some of the inventions were; invention of a fire alarm that gets linked to your phone, reusable pads that last for three months, nutro-cookie for lactation mothers and malnutrition families, inspirers from an insecure community ,recyclable bin used to collect rubbish in order to earn money and food security inventions including how to kill armyworms.

Judges ruled out some of the well done projects and applauded their performance. The best teams were awarded 50,000, 25,000, and 10,000 in 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively, also given geometrical sets. Awards were awarded to the teams that won because of solving societal issues like fire incidence, early marriages, insecurity, illiteracy and menstrual issues that keep girls out of school due to lack of pads and poverty.

The Executive Director, Mr Erastus Mongare, promised them a one week of entrepreneurship workshops and mentorships where they can interact with some of the mentors, business people university and college students.

There was entertainment offered by the higher institution which relieved some boredom and some drinks.

Finally, the event was graced by two schools from Samburu, where one of the schools bagged the third position going back with an award.

Everybody went home as a winner having learnt something from the science innovation event. It was such an amazing and educative event for our visitors, the community, students, teachers and other visitors.



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