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On Friday 24th March 2023, the Directorate of Research, Linkages and Extension, led by Professor Issa Mwamzandi, hosted members of TeRIC at the Main Campus. A total of nine TeRIC Innovators attended the Innovation Seminar in the company of their Supervisor, Mr. Simon Macharia, and Club Chair, Mr. Tom Obote. The convention was also graced with the presence of the University’s Director of Quality Assurance, Dr Wycliffe Wanyonyi.

TeRIC is a student based innovation think tank drawn from the three programs at the School of Health Sciences, Kapkatet Campus to discuss the need for embracing research and innovation in the fields of medicine, agriculture and others.

In the opening remarks Director Research, Linkages & Innovation highlighted the importance of research and innovation in addressing the challenges faced in these sectors and emphasized the role of universities in driving the process.

Innovation and commercialization of research products, the Director Research emphasized, is a critical factor in addressing the complex challenges faced in the medical, agricultural and other sectors of the economy. The rapidly evolving nature of these fields demands constant exploration of new ideas, technologies, and practices to address issues ranging from climate change, disease outbreaks, and food insecurity, among others. Further he singled out the commercialization of innovations as a viable path towards mitigating the financial crunch that Universities face.

Commercialization is a critical aspect of research and innovation as it allows for the practical application of research findings, thus contributing to economic growth, job creation, and societal development. The University of Kabianga recognizes the importance of commercialization and is committed to supporting researchers and students in this process.


The University is committed to fostering an environment that supports innovation and research in medical, agricultural and other fields. The University is investing in research infrastructure, attracting top talent, and fostering collaboration between researchers and other stakeholders. Through these efforts, the University aims to drive progress and make a meaningful impact in addressing the challenges faced in these sectors. Moreover, UoK provides support for patent applications, intellectual property rights, and licensing agreements, among other legal and regulatory aspects of commercialization.

Remarks by TeRIC Chairman

"As Technophiles, we appreciate that UoK recognizes the need for embracing Research and Innovation by students. We are asking for full support from the University to champion innovation. We also encourage other students to participate in Innovation," said Club Chairperson, Mr. Tom Obote.

The Technophiles presented to the panelists a total of nine (9) innovations that were at different stages with some that are ready for commercialization.

Topics of the Convention

The Director Quality Assurance, Dr. Wanyonyi, together with the Supervisor, Mr. Macharia, took through the innovators a number of topics. Sessions included change of mindset for innovators, handling excitement, data collection, and costs involved. TeRIC members were also inducted on time management, focusing and prioritizing ‘the almost IP ready research products with a focus on R2C,’ grant application, as well as pitching with potential funders/investors.



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