fbpx Tree Planting Launch at the University of Kabianga in Partnership with Equity Bank and the Community | University of Kabianga | Innovation and Excellence

On 21st April, 2021, under strict adherence to COVID 19 Ministry of Health Guidelines , the University of Kabianga hosted the launch of a unique programme towards sustainable conservation of Kabianga River Ecosystem as a result of an emerging partnership between University of Kabianga, Equity Bank (Litein Branch) and the Kibingei Community.

The function was graced by the University of Kabianga Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Wilson Kipngeno represented by Prof. Elijah Omwenga, the Equity Bank Manager (Litein Branch) Mr. Allan Motelin and the Kibingei Community representative led by Area Chief Mr. Peter Ngeno. The event was coordinated by the School of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources technical team led by the Dean, Dr. Joseph Hitimana.

Kabianga River is a public asset/resource of enormous benefits to the University community (staff and students ), the local community and beyond. Studies by University of Kabianga indicate multiple uses of the river’s water and fragility of the ecosystem (unsustainable vegetation cover, unplanned and non-coordinated land uses and farming systems, risks of water pollution and sedimentation). Threatening aquatic life in the river is a threat to lives and livelihoods of the thousands of people depending on these ecosystems.

By conserving the upper catchment of the river and its sources, the University of Kabianga and its stakeholders are in a way contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and National Sustainable Development Agenda.

Prof. Omwenga applauded the donations of 5000 environmentally friendly seedlings by Equity Bank (77% indigenous species and 23% exotics to plant in the appropriate designated sites). 80% of the trees were donated to the Community and 20% to the University.



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