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The University of Kabianga has begun its international linkages by signing agreements and Memorandum of Understanding with Universities abroad in a bit to expand knowledge and extension.

On March 24, 2016, the University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Wilson Kipngeno welcomed his Counterpart from the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) in Ghana Prof. Mrs Esi Awuah where they established linkages and extension in the field of Natural Resource management.

Speaking to the students’ representatives in the University, Prof. Awuah encouraged the young academicians to be proactive in innovation and creativity for a better knowledge use and development.

“Higher learning education nowadays is not only about books but also with creativity and innovation,” said Prof. Awuah. She added that innovation is the very reason why people are in higher learning institutions and research is part of it.
“The Future belongs to the youth and more so the innovators. Create businesses out creativity and innovation and give jobs to jobless,” she said adding that that is a better way to address the unemployment vocabulary in Africa.

Prof. Awuah commended on the student affairs at the University for maintaining the culture and putting more effort on academics and innovation. She added that her University and University of Kabianga will sign MoU to establish a relationship that will see student exchange between the Universities and shared technology.

The University Vice Chancellor Prof Wilson said the institution is growing and with the peace witnessed in the University makes it a unique and conducive institution for academics. He also added that the University is in the forefront of taking care of the disadvantaged members of the society including when sourcing for human capital.
“It is our responsibility to care those disadvantaged and members living with disabilities in our society including hiring lecturers with disability,” Said Kipngeno.

Present in the forum were the Members of management, Deputy Vice-Chancellors: Prof. Joash Kibett Academics and Students Affairs, Prof. Eric Koech - Administration and Finance and Prof. Marion Mutugi - Planning, Research and Extension. The deans present include: Dr. Mary Wosyanju - Dean of Students and Mr. Joseph Hitimanah - Dean School of Natural Resources.





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