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Prof. Elijah Omwenga who was the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academic & Student Affairs at the University has been appointed as the new Acting Vice-Chancellor effective 21st June, 2023.

He takes over from Prof. Wilson Kipngeno's whose tenure as the Vice-Chancellor of University of Kabianga elapsed on Tuesday 20th, 2023. Prof. Kipngeno served from 2009 to March 2013 as the Principal when the institution was a constituent college of Moi University. He was subsequently appointed as the Vice-Chancellor in 2013 when the institution was chartered as a fully fledged public university.  Prof. Kipngeno served two five year terms as the head of the university. During his tenure, he spearheaded and expanded:
1) Infrastructural development 
2) Academic programs
3) Student population
4) Staff population
5) Co-curricular activities
It was during his term that the university was ISO 9001:2008 certified by Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) in 2012 and successfully transited to ISO 9001:2015; which is being held by the institution to-date. 

Prof. Omwenga brings a rich experience in academia and leadership. He has a proven track record in the application of ICTs for effective service delivery in higher learning institutions in this era of education 4.0 and is credited for steering Kabianga University in embracing online learning during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic,” the University Council said. 

On his acceptance speech, the university’s new acting VC, Prof. Omwenga, said he is committed to elevating the institution’s status, to compete on a similar level with its peers.

Congratulations to Prof. Omwenga for this appointment!.



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