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University of Kabianga is hosting the 3rd Hackathon on the Health IT Project under the theme: ”Navigating through the Health Information Systems for the betterment of humanity.” The event is designed as a three – day intensive development session where software developers (mostly COM and BIT students) hack challenges presented by Ministry of Health (MoH) and USAID Institutional Partners.

It involves close mentorship from industry experts, a multidisciplinary team that judges the problem – solution fit and awards the top three solutions that will be incubated for uptake by the various stakeholders.

The team of judges has been drawn from UoK faculty (Health IT Consultants), UoN and Kericho County Health Management Team representatives. The partner County Proximate Universities are represented by Kabarak University, Technical University of Mombasa and Chuka University.

Judges  led by Prof. Oduor (Ag. DVC PR&D)

This year’s hackathon challenges are:

  1. Creating a procedure room system by listing patients who need minor procedures like wound cleaning, tetanus injection, stitching and dressing.
  1. Developing a defaulter SMS reminder and tracking system to remind Comprehensive Care Centre clients of their due dates.
  2. Developing a community unit referral tracking tool to monitor clients reaching link facilities and the services offered.
  3. Connect mobile money payment options to the billing application in Kenya EMR.
  4. Developing a child abuse reporting system that will link the police desk to the CPIMS to enhance accessibility of information from a centralized viewpoint.



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