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Technological innovation from universities is essential to the future well-being of the country. The ability of the nation to sustain economic growth, increase its standard of living and improve human health and the environment depends, in many ways, on its success in innovative research, developing and commercializing new products, processes, and services.  To walk this path and commercialize research output, Dr. Wycliffe Wanyonyi‘s research project titled “Commercialization of Green Leather Processing Technology and Keratin Biomass Recycling for Environmental Protection and Zero Waste Discharge” was among the 10 promising project in the country selected to participate in six month Research to Commercialization (R2C) accelerator training program. The home grown technology which uses novel and locally isolated enzyme in dehairing/descaling of hide/skins to yield high quality does not only eliminate environmental pollution problems in tanneries but create new revenue streams for tanneries thus making the business profitable and creating more jobs. R2C training program was organized by Viktoria Ventures in collaboration with Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA) and funded by the FCDO through the RISA fund. The program aims at strengthening the researchers’ capacity by taking them through an accelerator program and to strengthen institutions commercialization process through cascaded trainings.

Dr.Wanyonyi who is also the director of quality Assurance, University of Kabianga applauded the University for championing research and allowing him to participate in this important training. R2C training was a significant milestone for the research team and the university in the endeavor to launch startup companies from research findings oozing from university. The training which culminated in a pitch deck competition at Best Western Plus Hotel, Nairobi saw Dr. Wanyonyi win USD 2,000.00 to initiate commercialization of the invention after his project emerging second.  The green leather revolution innovation was also voted the best researcher of the year and awarded a trophy during commercialization and entrepreneurial institutions leaders (ceil) summit 2023 At Pride Inn Paradise Resort & Spa Convention Centre Mombasa.

The UoK Council, Management, all staff, and students congratulate Dr. Wycliffe Wanyonyi for not only winning the awards but also, for enhancement of UoK's visibility and above all, the long-term benefits to humanity entailed in the project.



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