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The Deputy Vice-Chancellors,

Deans of Schools,

Deans of Students,

Heads of Departments,

Members of Staff,

Student leaders,


Ladies and Gentlemen.


Good morning.

On behalf of University of Kabianga staff, let me take this opportunity to welcome you all (First year students) to University of Kabianga. Let me also congratulate you for having been selected to join our institution for higher education after successfully completing your Secondary Education.

I wish to commend you for selecting University of Kabianga as your choice to quest your educational need. In the background of your individual success, their parents and guardian who deserve a salute and congratulation for the support and care they accorded you to reach this level in your academic pursuit.

On behalf of the University of Kabianga Council, Senate Management and entire staff, I warmly welcome you to University of Kabianga. On my behalf, Please tell you friend seated next to you: welcome to University of Kabianga. You have made it!

Your University academic journey has just began and your successful completion of the programme you have been admitted to, will largely depend on how you conduct yourself in the University. Your performance in your first year’s studies will also have effect on your graduation. Starting with excellent achievement will give you outstanding result at the end. The journey has started keep the pace and drive safely. I know you will make it, it all depends on you. Passing Examinations in the University starts from the time you are admitted. Unlike in the Primary and Secondary schools where the national final exams matters, the University system is different. Any form of assessment including assignments, CATs and semester exams contribute to your final grade in the Fourth year.


University of Kabianga is one of the fully fledged Universities in Kenya created by the Government to increase access to higher education in the Country. The University was chartered on 1st March, 2013. The history of this facility as a training institution dates back to 1950s. Over the years it has been known to produce the best teachers and farmers. The Institution began as a Teacher Training centre then a Farmers Training Centre. In 2007, the Moi University Council through the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology took over the facility as one of its Campuses and the pioneering classes of 155 students were admitted in November 2007. These pioneering students graduated on 2011. On 29th May 2009, the institution was gazetted as a Constituent University College of Moi University by His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Kenya.

As I earlier mentioned to you in this speech, on 1st March, 2016 the University was charted as one of the fully fledged Public Universities. The core business of the institution is provision of University education and training. The University intends to exercise its mandate by promoting scientific innovation through research and extension. Over the years, most of our students who graduated have excelled in the job market; they are offering excellent services across the world. My appeal to you as first year students: maximize the opportunity and the enabling environment to be innovative in pursuit of knowledge and betterment of human being.


In line with our core values and vision, the University continuously seeks to improve and develop new academic Programmes to meet the demands of the current dynamic world. University of Kabianga strives to create an enabling environment through provision of essential services and facilities to meet the diverse needs of its customers. The University offers various academic programmes in Seven (7) Schools:

  1. School of Education,
  2. School of Arts and Social Sciences,
  3. School of Science and Technology,
  4. School of Agriculture and Biotechnology,
  5. School of Business and Economics,
  6. School of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, and
  7. School of Information Sciences and Knowledge Management

The schools are headed by Deans assisted by the Heads of Department. All queries and inquiries related to academics are handled by these offices.


To increase access to University Education to the Citizen of this Country. The University has opened up four (4) satellite campuses:

  1. Kericho Town Campus,
  2. Kapkatet Campus where our medical courses are hosted
  3. Sigor Campus.
  4. Sotik Campus.

To ensure that the admitted students take courses of their choice and interest, The University will give you opportunity to transfer across schools or within a particular school; however the transfer shall be subject to meeting the set minimum cluster requirements and availability of capacity in the area of interest. The Deans will generate merit list based on the chances available.


The University has a population of more than 9660 students. About 1699 students are set to graduate late this year.


Like any other learning institution, University of Kabianga strives to provide an enabling environment to students and staff. The existing facilities are being expanded to cater the increasing enrolment. Similarly, new infrastructural facilities are being developed to ensure that quality is assured. To undertake this responsibility the University will largely depend on the students meeting their obligation by promptly paying fees. Though provision of accommodation is challenging, the University has ensured that all the First year students wishing to reside within the University are catered for.

Through the student leaders present here today, I want to express my appreciation to the continuing students who have stood firmly with us. They have shown their commitment to participate in building a reputable institution of higher learning. They all bear witness of the efforts being made by the University to address student welfare. I appeal to you, make good use of the available resources for the comfort of all of us.


The University is situated in a social environment that uphold certain values and traditions which in time you will understand. Being a conservative society, it is important to understand and appreciate their way of living. Carry yourselves with the highest moral standards and behave with modesty and uphold respect and humility to all. At all times strive to respect those around us and your stay here will be memorable.

Remember your freedom ends where my freedom starts. While being here, you may face challenges such as transport, extreme cold weather, and inadequate shopping amenities. But with hard work, perseverance, and understanding, you will be able to adopt and complete your studies at the end of four years.

The Government is in the process of improving the road connecting the highway.The excavation of the road has started at Taplotin junction. It is our hope that the tarmacking of the road will be complete by the end of the year or early next year. The community around have been putting hostels and other amenities that will be important to you and will make your stay in the University comfortable.


At the University, the major mode of communication is through the notice boards. And for this reason I urge you to take keen interest on the notice boards since that is the source of information regarding general activities at the University. Procedures regarding correspondences by the students are clearly spelt out in the Rules and Regulation which copies were circulated to you. The office of the Dean of students will also give you procedures on how to join/form clubs and societies.


A resource is a source or supply from which benefit is produced. Example of resources are materials, energy, services, staff, or other assets like space that are transformed to produce benefit and in the process may be consumed or made unavailable. In this regards resources are not always enough. Even in your homes where you have the auto most authority there are still shortages of one thing or another. Whenever there are issues, Dialogue is the only avenue towards a mutual understanding within University.

Over the years the University has been in existence, a culture of dialogue, tolerance, and brotherhood has been developed. This assists in solving issues affecting your life in the University. We urge you to embrace these virtues.


During your stay in the University you are expected to note the following:


Examinations at University, like other institutions and Examining bodies all over, are very important mode of assessment. Cheating in examination of any kind is not allowed: The regulations have been clearly outlined in the student’s booklet on conduct in the University. The consequences of such behaviour may not be pleasing. You are advised to be self–disciplined and cultivate a culture of honesty.


The menace has been with us quite some time. It took live of many Kenyans and youth are not exceptional. 21% of new adult HIV infections occur among young women aged 15–24 every year. 65% of new HIV infections occur in 9 out of 47 counties and five of these counties are our neighboring counties. Please take note.


Drug abuse, drunkardness and social disturbance are not tolerated in the University. A survey in 17 counties on alcohol and drug abuse Conducted by NACADA depicted a high use of drugs and alcohol by school going teenagers with alcohol the most abused and prescription drugs the most accessible. The magnitude of drug abuse was aired in our TVs and you listened in Talk shows in the wake of the crackdown on illicit brews last year. You all bear witness the disheartening stories of the effect of alcohol as well as drugs on young adults and their families.

Universities are not exceptional. Please take care!


The issues of security of Kenyans has been matter of great concern for us as Universities as well the nation at large. The University has put measures in place however your cooperation is highly required.

There are constant changing faces of criminals and threats in the country. You are all aware the issues of terrorism and radicalization and they extent of the cost they have impacted on our country. Radicalization in Kenya is real threat. The most preferred targets group for the recruiters is youth age between (15-30). Previously there was assumption that the target was only boys but currently both genders are vulnerable to this wild thought. Radicalization is the process by which an individual or group comes to adopt increasingly extreme, religious, political, social aspiration that reject or undermine status quo. It is simply influencing individuals view towards religion, social and political view. It is individual to go path of using or implementing violence to sake change. Please avoid such beliefs and give us report when you suspect things. I urge you to implement our Nyumba Kumi initiative and be extra vigilant. Observe all security rules both in your residential and your day to day activities.

The University has river(s) around which student may be tempted to swim but please be forewarned these rivers are not demarcated for swimming. The University has lost students through these illegal swimming. Please be advised.

The Government is keen on integration, national cohesion and national values. University of Kabianga upholds these values. As the name suggest the University is universal. During your stay here you will meet people from different parts of these country and sometimes different parts of the world. You are therefore requested to integrate and build united Kenya that recognize the diversity but appreciates the fact that we are all Kenyans regardless of our ethnicity religion and political affiliation. In this regard all regional and county associations are banned in the University. Let us focus on the purpose for which you are here, that is to learn and complete your studies in good time and with good grades so as to be able to offer back what we have gained to our societies and to our country. 

In conclusion, I wish you a good beginning and a good ending. Let us all strive to build a strong University society where prosperity is a priority. Your parents, guardian, University as well as the nation are investing much in you and obviously they are expecting a lot after your training.

Thank you and God bless you all.

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