fbpx Vice-Chancellor's Message to the Students | University of Kabianga | Innovation and Excellence

I am pleased to welcome first year students of 2023. 

Academic year of 2023/2024 has begun. First year students are now familiar with the University and how they are to coordinate themselves in terms of lectures and co-curriculum activities. 

Orientation sessions which were done to you all students irrespective of the year study is very important. It is a time when you were introduced to the University and its operations. That was a great time to set pace for you in order to get acquainted with a life in which others seem to have a lot of freedom.  University life demands that you be disciplined as an individual and be steady in your academic pursuance and do all that is required of you.

I wish to remind you to mind your personal security outside the Campus; including observance of traffic rules as you walk on the highway. Your security calls that you be at the right place at the right time. Be wise in choosing friends and keep off on alcohol and drug abuse or consumption. 

Internet connectivity is available in our Campuses of  Kabianga, Kericho Town, Sotik and Kapkatet School of Health Science. Use this responsibly  to advance your knowledge.

Finally, I wish to appeal to you that you be in touch with your various Heads of Departments for any assistance or advice. These are the people who will give you guidance for you to succeed in your studies.



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