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Posted by webmaster on May 11, 2018

Please read carefully and follow instructions provided in the steps below. You are also reminded that you MUST complete steps 1, 2, 3. You MUST ensure that you have downloaded:

  1. Admission Letter
  2. Fees Structure
  3. Student Handbook
  4. Acceptance or Declining Form
  5. Personal Details Form
  6. Hostel Booking Form
  7. Medical Form

Note: You are required to return the duly filled forms on the day of admission.

Step 1: How to Access Admission Letters

Click here to read/print the instructions on how to download your admission letter.

Step 2: How to Access the Fee Structures

You can access your fee structures from the website link - http://kabianga.ac.ke/main/downloads/fee_structure

Step 3: Other Admission Forms

Click the links provided below to download and fill all the admission forms and documents.

Further Enquiries:

If you have any further enquiries please send us an email to: admissions@kabianga.ac.ke

Mandatory Requirements for Envirnmental Health, Clinical Medicine & Nursing

For the Students pursuing programmes in Environmental Health, Clinical Medicine and Nursing can also be downloaded on this page.




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