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Dr. Catherine Nyambura Mwihia
  • Lecturer
  • School of Arts & Social Sciences
  • Department of Humanities and Social Sciences


Dr. Catherine Nyambura Mwihia P.O BOX 2030 - 20200 Kericho, Kenya

Research Interests: 

  • Women and Culture
  • Biblical Studies

Research & Publications: 


  1. Article “The images of Women in African (GÎKÛYÛ) Proverbs” - 2007 Hoseo University Magazine, South Korea.
  2. A Theological Analysis of African Proverbs about Women: With Reference to Proverbs from Gikuyu People of Central Kenya. Saarbrucken, Lambert Academic Publishing (2011)
  3. Women in the Biblical Book of Proverbs: Discourses with the New Roles of African Women. Saarbrucken, Lambert Academic Publishing (2011)

Book/ Journal Reviews

  1. Gathogo Julius. 2011.The pangs of birth in African Christianity: essays in commemoration of one hundred years of Mutira Anglican Mission (1912-2012) Saarbbrucken, Germany: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. In History Society of Sothern Africa Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae. May 2014. Vol XL. No1, 345-346.
  2. Jegede, Emmanuel, 2015. Delivering Sustainable Development in Nigeria: The Imperative of Culture. In Chemchemi Journal of Kenyatta University. (In process of publication).

Curriculum vitae: 



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