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Dr. Joseph Kipkoikoi Rotumoi

Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil.) in Educational Communication and Technology (Literature) School of Education, Moi University- 2013
Master of Philosophy (M.Phil),in Literature Education, Moi University-2006
Bachelor of Education ( B.Ed) Cact`1ulic University of East Africa-1999

  • Lecturer
  • School of Education
  • Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Media


P.O. Box 2030-20200 Kericho - Kenya. E-Mail: jrotumoi@kabianga.ac.ke

Research Interests: 

Teacher Education, Curriculum, Literature education Integration of emerging issues in language education

Research & Publications: 

Selected Publications

  1. Rotumoi Joseph. (2013): .Factors influencing the choice of Teaching resources by pre­school Teachers.A study of Baringo County;Journal Jeteraps Vol.3
  2. Rotumoi Joseph &Lydia Kipkoech (2014): Teachers’ Attiudes towards the Use of Instructional Resources in Teaching of the Novel: A study of Baringo Secondary School; English Language and Literature Studies journal September,2014.URL:http// dx.doi.org/10.5539/ells.v4n3p58
  3. Rotumoi Joseph, Prof.Mukwa, Prof.Too (2013): Early childhood Education, challenges and it implications.
  4. Rotumoi Joseph,Maru J Eunice and Cherui Rodgers 2015.The relationship Between Training of Assessors and Appropriate Placement of Children with Special Needs. The case of Uasin Ghishu County. Kenya. International journal of Arts and Entrepreneurship Volume 4, issue 9,2015:http://www.ijsse.org ISSN 2307­6305 pg 20
  5. Hilda Ngetich Tuimur, Bemard Chemwei,Rotumoi Joseph 2015. Instructional Methods used by Teachers in Teaching Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Primary Schools in Nandi North District, Kenya. International journal of contemporary applied science:www.ijcas.net vol 2 no 4 April 2015

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