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Dr. Otieno Joseph Oluoch
  • Senior Lecturer
  • School of Arts & Social Sciences
  • Department of Humanities and Social Sciences


Address: P. O. Box 2030 – 20200, Kericho, Kenya Mobile: +254 724 740 430

Research Interests: 

Political Ecology in understanding resource access and control, Land Tenure and Environmental change, urban growth and dynamism and Effects on Environmental Health, agricultural systems especially the interface of contract farming and Environmental change, and agricultural markets and rural livelihoods, philosophy and development of geographical thought over time, ME’s and their impacts on grassroots’ development, Regional integration and changes in regional economies

Research & Publications: 

International Publications

  1. Obulinji, H. W, Wegulo, F. N and Otieno, J. (2015). “Utilization and Impact of Microfinance Creidt on Performance of Microenterprises among Entrepreneurs who are Members of Self­Help Groups in Butere, Mumias, Matungu and Khwisero Sub­Counties, Kenya”. Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, Vol. 6 # 20, 2015.
  2. Obulinji, H. W, Wegulo, F. N and Otieno, J. (2015). “The Impact of Micro Enterprises’ and Entrepreneurs Household Incomes and Livelihoods in Butere, Mumias, Matungu and Khwisero Sub­Counties, Kenya”. Journal of Developing Countries, Vol. 5 # 19, 2015.
  3. Kumba, J. K., F. Wegulo and J. Otieno (2015). “The Influence of Agricultural Land Use on Household Food Security situation in Kisii Central sub­County, Kenya”. Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development Vol. 6 # 6, 2015.
  4. Kumba, J. K., F. Wegulo and J. Otieno (2015haracteristics on Cash and Food Crop Production: Implications on Household Food Situation in Kisii Central Sub­Count, Kenya”. Journal of Developing Country Studies, Vol. 5 Number 5, 2015.
  5. Recha, C. W., M. N. Mukopi and J. O. Otieno (2014): “ Socio-Economic Determinants of Adoption of Rainwater Harvesting Techniques in Semi-Arid Tharaka Sub-County, Kenya” in Journal of Land Degradation and Development – online DOI: 10.1002/ldr.2326
  6. Charles Ochodo, Ndetei, D. M., Moturi W. N., Otieno, J. O. (2014): “External Built Residential Environmental Characteristics that Affect Mental Health of Adults” in Journal of Urban Built Environmental.
  7. Ochodo   C,   Ndetei   D.M,   Moturi   W.   N,  Otieno   J.O.    (2014):  “External   built residential   environment   characteristics   that   increase   the   likelihood   of depression and suicide in children” in Journal of African Psychiatry.
  8. G. J. Scott, J. O. Otieno, S. Ferris, A. K. Muganga and L. Macdonaldo (1999). “ Sweetpotato in Uganda Food Systems: Enhancing Food Security and Poverty Alleviation” in CIP Annual Report 1998. Otieno, J. O. (1996). “Contracting Under Conditions of Liberalization: The Case of Tobacco in Kenya” in Journal of African Rural and Urban Studies, Vol. 3, 1996, pp 199 – 221.

Research Projects

  1. Land Tenure, Agricultural Development and Environmental Change in Transmara District, Kenya;
  2. Tobacco Under Contract, Ph.D. Thesis Research, Tobacco and Socio-Ecological Change in Kuria,
  3. Mental Health and Built Environment in Nakuru Kenya – Ph.D. student guided research,
  4. Agricultural land use and Food Security in Kisii, Kenya – Ph.D. student guided research,
  5. Impact of Credit Access and Micro-enterprise Development in Butere in Western Kenya, Ph.D. student – guided research,
  6. Land Utilization in Oyugis Division, M. A. Thesis Research,



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