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Posted by webmaster on April 03, 2016

Admission Requirements: 

  • The applicant must have attained a minimum mean grade of C+ (plus) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. (KSCE)
  • In addition, they must obtain at least the minimum cut-off points for the respective academic years as determined from the specified subject clusters draw from the original Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education structure. The candidate must have passes in the subject clusters indicated below:
  • Subject Clusters: An eligible applicant must have had a minimum of C+ (Plus) in English/Kiswahili, Biology/Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics/Physical Sciences.
  • Applicants with advanced (‘A’) Level or Equivalent qualifications should have had a minimum of two principal passes in Biology and Chemistry and a subsidiary pass in Mathematics or Physics.

Admission Requirements for Up-Grading Applicants

  • Applicants in this category must have a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery from approved training institutions and they must be duly registered with the Clinical Officers’ Council.
  • They must have had a mean grade of ‘C’ (plain) in KSCE or its equivalent from any training institution recognized by the Clinical Officers Council, including those trained outside Kenya.
  • Applicants in possession of Higher Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery in any are of specialization recognized by the Clinical Officers’ Council may be given credit transfer of three (3) units in their areas of specialization, subject to production of satisfactory evidence of having done and passed examinations in the respective higher diploma speciality areas.
  • Request for exemption shall be made in writing, on admission, and must be accompanied by officially endorsed supportive documents, including the course outline for the relevant course(s) unit(s).

University of Kabianga Senate reserves the right to administer an appropriate test, through the relevant department in order to decide whether or not an exemption should be granted.

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