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About Graduate Studies

Message from the Director

Welcome, to the Directorate of Board of Graduate Studies (BGS) at the University of Kabianga. The Directorate is a clearing-house for all research activities for postgraduate programmes in the University.

Specifically, the Directorate coordinates research proposal approvals before students commence their data collection activities as well organizing all thesis examination procedures.

A board, comprising fourteen members, representing relevant facets of the University, oversees the activities of the Directorate. The Directorate is currently responsible for the following postgraduate programmes:

Dr. Rop

Dr. Ronald Rop, PhD.

Director, Board of Graduate Studies

1.   Master of Arts in Kiswahili

2.   Master of Arts in Literature

3.   Master of Business Administration

4.   Master of Business Management

5.   Master of Education in Early Childhood & Primary Education.

6.   Master of Education in Educational Administration & Planning.

7.   Master of Education in Educational Communication and Technology

8.   Master of Education in Educational Psychology

9.   Master of Education in Guidance & Counseling

10.   Master of Environmental Planning and Management (MEPM)

11.   Master of Science in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management

12.   Master of Science in Agricultural Extension

13.   Master of Science in Agroforestry

14.   Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

15.   Master of Science in Chemistry

16.   Master of Science in Forestry (Tropical Forest Biology and Silviculture)

17.   Master of Science in Microbiology

18.   Master of Science in Pure Mathematics

19.   Master of Science in Statistics

1.   Doctor of Philosophy in Education Administration

2.   Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration

3.   Doctor of Philosophy in Kiswahili

4.   Doctor of Philosophy in Literature

5.   Doctor of Philosophy in English Language Education

6.   Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Extension and Innovation

7.   Doctor of Philosophy in Agroforestry

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