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Message from the Director

The Directorate of Quality Assurance was established in May 2012 as a deliberate effort by the university to entrench quality in its processes and to coordinate continuous improvement in quality of its services.

In doing so, the university recognized the need to continuously adapt to the changing national and global demands relating to the relevance and quality of higher education

One of the global goals for sustainable development is, “Quality Education.” This goal seeks to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. University education should be the epitome of this ‘quality education’ and as a Directorate of Quality Assurance in the university, we embrace and champion quality in all aspects of our university, but more specifically in those that have a direct bearing on the education and welfare of our students.

The mandate of the Directorate includes; to develop and implement an institutional QA framework; develop a processes’ map showing how institutional processes interact and affect quality; facilitate QA trainings; offer advisories on quality issues; coordinate quality audits and monitoring activities (internal and external); and serve as the link between the institution and the QA regulatory bodies and government agencies. The QA processes are guided by the Quality Management System embodied in ISO standards and relevant need-based benchmarking with contemporary institutions. This multi-faceted approach enhances quality education and competitiveness of our graduates, locally and globally. The Directorate has able and committed staff: Mr William K. Rotich, the Senior Assistant Registrar and Ms Chepkirui Kitur, the Secretary, to enable it implement its mandate fully.

We welcome feedback or clarifications on our services.

Please contact us on or through the feedback form below. Thank you in advance.

Dr. Wycliffe Wanyonyi, Ph.D

Director Quality Assurance

Student Testimonials

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Vitaline ChepkorirSchool of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

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John NduatiSchool of Business and Economics

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