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Deputy Vice-Chancellor Administration & Finance

Prof. Naibei

Prof. Isaac Naibei, PhD

Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor - Administration and Finance
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Division of Administration and Finance

The Division of Administration & Finance undertakes cross-cutting functions that provide/facilitate enabling systems, activities and structures that support the University’s mandate. The Division has the responsibility of overseeing and managing the Financial, Human Resource and Administrative affairs at the University. Activities of the Division are fully aligned to the University’s Strategic Plan.

The Division continues to give its very best to sustain operations of the University by providing services in the areas of Finance, Human Resource Management, Assets Management, Transport Management, Security and Staff Welfare.

Services offered include:
  1. 1.  To develop and oversee the implementation of Administration & Human Resource, Finance, policies, procedures and strategies;
  2. 2.  To manage the University’s financial process;
  3. 3.  To ensure compliance with guidelines on labour laws, constitutional requirements and any other statutes issued by Government from time to time;
  4. 4.  To undertake any other duties as may be duly delegated.

Departments of the Division

Departments and sections that make up this division include the following:-

Committees of the Division

The DVC Administration and Finance chairs the following committees:-

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