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Games and Sport


Sports and Games

The unit promotes physical and mental fitness through various indoor and outdoor activities and participation in regional, national and international sports. University of Kabianga (UoK) is committed to provision and coordination of a healthy sports and games environment that provides equity for participation. Sports and Games play an integral role in educational institutions. Students and staff need to be involved in planned physical programs for lifelong physical, psychological, social and personal benefits that such involvement brings.

The aim of offering broad participation in sports is to nurture the personal development of our students. The S&G section in the Student Affairs Department aims to develop an institutional approach to the promotion of sport among our students and staff. It is hoped that participation in a range of sports will suit a variety of needs, e.g. from sport which is competitive to sport which is played for fun or is non-competitive; sports which will suit the needs of all, including those who are physically less able and those with special educational needs.

Uok has been visible in Kenya University Sports Association (KUSA) Western Conference and National, East Africa University Sports Federation (EAUSF), Federation of African University Sports (FASU) as well as International University Sports Federation (FISU) events. UoK also featured widely through the introduction of the Annual UoK South West Mau Cross Country; an event that has grown our Corporate Social Responsibility.

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