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UoK hosts a Bacteriophages and Grant writing Seminar

  • April 12,2024
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UoK hosts a Bacteriophages and Grant writing Seminar

Antimicrobial resistance represents a global challenge killing approximately 1. 27 million people worldwide. As bacteria develop resistance mechanisms against antibiotics, bacteriophages, which are viruses that infect and replicate within bacteria, can adapt and evolve alongside them, ensuring their effectiveness over time. This dynamic interplay between phages and bacteria represents a powerful evolutionary arms race that we can leverage to our advantage in the ongoing battle against antibacterial resistance. The significance of bacteriophages extends beyond their therapeutic potential as they play a crucial role in shaping microbial communities and ecosystem dynamics.

The University of Kabianga hosted a one-day seminar on the role of bacteriophages in the fight against drug resistant bacteria and infections associated with it on 20th March, 2024. During the seminar, the understanding of the basic biology and classification of phages, the applications of Phages in Health Sciences, among many other topics were discussed.

The seminar began with a warm welcome from Prof. Maurice Oduor, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Planning, Research and Development and Prof. Paul Onsare, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academics and Student Affairs at the University of Kabianga. The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Erick Koech, lauded the scientist efforts in sensitizing staff and students on the role of bacteriophages as a tool in fighting the menace of antimicrobial resistance.

Dr. Tobi Nagel, a visiting scientist, the Founder and President of Phages for Global Health, USA, Dr. Lillian Musila the principle Scientist, Antimicrobial Resistance Research Group at KEMRI-USAMRD-Africa, graced the event as the chief speakers. During her address, Dr. Tobi shed light on the importance of bacteriophages as a tool in helping combat the antibiotic resistance crisis, showcasing the real-life examples of successful phage applications and their impact. She also emphasized the fundamental aspects of successful grant proposals and gave guidelines on how to navigate the grant application process effectively and enhance their chances of securing funding for their projects in her parting shot. Dr Lilian Musila articulated the different research conducted by the organization and the vast opportunities available to both researchers and students for future collaborations in conducting cutting edge research.

Participants were drawn from the School of Science & Technology and School of Health Sciences staff and students.

By webmaster

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